What if I dispute a transaction on my Visa Debit or Credit Card?

Disputing Transactions

No problem. There are two differences here: A disputed transaction – a transaction that was initially authorised but was later disputed or an unauthorised transaction – a transaction that was never authorised, and you had no awareness of the transaction. There’s a slightly different avenue for each.

Disputed transactions

Some examples of disputed transactions:

  • Duplicated transaction or incorrect amount
  • Cancelled recurring transactions
  • Returned goods or cancelled services
  • Goods or services not received
  • Goods or services damaged, defective or not as described

What to do

First, you should contact the merchant about refunding the transaction.

Then, if you’re unable to resolve the matter with the merchant, we may be able to claim a refund – called a chargeback – from the merchant on your behalf.

But don’t delay: in order for us to attempt to claim a chargeback on your ING card we need to process your claim within 45 – 120 days from the transaction date, depending on the transaction type.

Just complete and return the form

So we can process your chargeback, simply complete a Visa Credit/Debit card disputed transaction form and email to card.investigations@ing.com.au

Please note, we can only claim a chargeback if you pressed Credit in-store or transacted online, over the phone or overseas using your Orange Everyday Visa Debit card or Orange One Visa Credit card.

If you haven’t given permission for the merchant to take your funds, we may also need to arrange a replacement Orange Everyday card for security.

Unauthorised transactions

If you have noticed an unauthorised transactions on your account, please call us immediately on 133 464. If you would like to speak to a Customer Care Specialist and you are overseas, please call +61 2 9028 4077 (call costs apply). Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page to view our free call numbers available from selected countries and we’ll assist you further. Our Customer Care Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are not able to call us immediately we suggest placing a temporary hold on your card using the mobile app – simply:

  1. Login to your ING App and select the relevant account
  2. Tap MANAGE
  3. Select Temporarily hold card

This will stop any further transactions from being requested.


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