Set up your automatic payments

Switch over your existing payments to your new Orange Everyday, track your upcoming payments and keep your outgoings in one place.

Set up direct debits

Simply get in touch with your service providers and let them know your new BSB (923 100) and account number or card number. Your big ones will be:

  • Subscriptions: Spotify, Netflix, Stan or Apple Music
  • Monthly bills: like your insurance, phone or internet bills
  • Quarterly bills: like your electricity, gas or water bills. Plus don’t forget, you could get 1% cashback on eligible utility bills, paid via direct debit using your BSB and account number, PayTo (when available) or via BPAY. T&Cs apply.

Here’s our handy checklist

Set up scheduled payments

Scheduled payments make sure that all your bills come out of your account when they should – so you don’t have to worry about remembering what to pay, when.

In the ING mobile app
  • Go to Pay > Pay Anyone
  • Enter the Payee details and amount
  • Select When?, Recurring payments and follow the prompts
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