What is a Client Number and an Account Number?

While we’ll never treat you like a number, your client number and account number are how we can give you fast yet secure access to your ING accounts.

Client number

Your unique client number is a simple way of identifying yourself with ING.

You can find your client number on the welcome letter you received when you joined, the back of your Orange Everyday card and at the top your ING account statements which you can find in the ING app:

  1. Login with your Access Code
  2. Select the account you wish to see the statement for
  3. Tap the dropdown arrow next to the account name
  4. Select Statements and choose which period you wish to view

Having your client number and access code handy when you call, helps us to answer your call quicker.

You also need your client number to access online and phone banking.

Account number

Your account number is the unique number allocated to each account you hold with us. To see your account numbers simply login to the ING app or online baking.

ING app

To find your account number using the ING app just:

  1. Login with your Access Code
  2. Select the account
Online banking

To find your account number using online banking just:

  1. Login to ing.com.au
  2. Go to My summary
How can I view or update my details?

If any of your details change, you can easily update them online.

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