Fixed Rate Home Loan Expiry

How do I find out the expiry date of my Fixed Rate Home Loan?

To find out when your Fixed Rate Home Loan is due to expire follow the below steps:

  1. Login to Online Banking using your client number (found on the back of your Orange Everyday card, a recent statement or in the ING App) and access code
  2. From the navigation menu click My accounts  
  3. Select the relevant loan account from the account list
  4. Click on More account information located to the left under the loan account balance
  5. Scroll down to Loan Information and the details will be displayed.

What happens after my Fixed Rate Home Loan expires?

On expiry of your Fixed Rate Home Loan period, your loan will move automatically to a Mortgage Simplifier with a variable interest rate.

There’s also the following option(s) available:

  • Switch to a variable rate home loan with 100% offset
  • Split your loan between fixed and variable rates, or
  • Refix your rate for another period from 1 to 5 years.

We will send you a letter 30 days before your Fixed Rate Home Loan expires with full details on next steps and what to expect.

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How can I view or update my details?

If any of your details change, you can easily update them online.

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