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Getting away from home when you have a loan

6 tips to saving for your next trip

When you have a home loan saving for travel requires a bit more discipline. But with a little planning and a few smart financial choices, you can still make your travel dreams reality.

1. Set a travel goal

Having a specific goal in mind will motivate you to save. So first, decide where it is you want to travel and estimate the approximate cost of your trip. Also, why not rename your savings account to help visualise what is you’re saving for – The Amalfi Account?

2. Create a travel budget

Next, develop a detailed travel budget that includes travel, accommodation, food, activities and any other expenses you’ll need to cover on your trip. This will give you a clear idea of how much you need to save.

3. Control your expenses

Now the hard part. Use a budgeting app or spreadsheet to monitor your spending and see where you can cut back, like on dining out, subscriptions and impulse purchases. Remember, small sacrifices now could help you go big later.

4. Automate your savings

Consider setting up an automatic transfer from your pay to you travel savings account so you consistently save without the temptation to spend. A service like ING Everyday Round Up could also help you save by automatically rounding up your small change to your savings account when you spend.

5. Reduce travel costs

Of course, when it comes to travel it pays to explore cost-saving options.

  • Look for deals on flights, consider budget airlines or be flexible with your travel dates. Also, consider public transport options instead of expensive taxis or rental cars.
  • Search for affordable accommodation options such as hostels, vacation rentals or sharing with friends or family. Research and compare prices to find the best deals.
  • Seek out local eateries, food markets or street stalls to experience local cuisine at a lower cost. Staying in accommodations with kitchen facilities is a smart way to save.

6. Get affordable travel insurance

If you can’t afford travel insurance you can’t afford to travel. So make sure you shop around to find good cover at a good price. Comparison sites can help you see what’s available and what you could save.

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Everyday Round Up

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