All about instalments

Instalments are great for managing larger purchases without putting a huge dent in your cashflow. You even benefit from a lower interest rate.

  • Use for purchases of $250 and above
  • Terms from three months to seven years
  • Monthly repayment amounts split across the term
  • Automatically included in your monthly autopay repayment
  • Make extra repayments any time using the app
  • Create up to 10 active instalments
  • Cancel within the first 24 hour
  • Change the term up to three times if you wish
Here’s how it works

Jane’s fridge broke down and she needs to buy a new one right away. She doesn’t have the money on hand so she decides to use her Orange One. By creating an instalment plan, she can stay in control of her cash flow and pay the fridge off over six monthly repayments on a lower rate of interest.

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