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Going to gigs when you have a loan

6 tips to the bagging the best seats on a budget

When you have a home loan you might think the days of going to gigs are over. But as long as you plan and be smart when it comes to buying tickets, the beat can go on. Here’s some tips for getting the best ticket in the house while continuing to afford yours.

1. Budget, baby, budget

It mightn’t sound very rock ’n roll but, like most things involving money, it pays to budget. Be sure to count all costs that come with going to an event including transport, food and accommodation. Be realistic about what you can afford to go to a gig and stick to it.

2. Here’s just the ticket

Being smart about tickets could help save you a small fortune too. For instance, researching past prices for similar events or artistes can help you determine if the current ticket price is fair or potentially inflated.

It could also pay to compare prices, fees and any potential discounts or promotions available from official ticket websites, authorised resellers or secondary providers like Visa Offers + Perks.

3. More could be merrier

If you’re planning to go to a gig with the whole gang, check if group discounts are available. Some ticket sellers offer bundle deals or discounted prices when buying multiple tickets at once.

4. Beware of hidden fees

Pay attention to additional fees and charges associated with ticket purchases. These can include service fees, delivery fees or processing fees. Take these costs into account when comparing ticket prices to avoid surprises at checkout.

5. Make sure it’s the real deal

When buying tickets always ensure you’re using reputable platforms and avoid dealing with scalpers or unauthorised third-party sellers. While some legitimate resellers exist, others may sell counterfeit tickets or overcharge.

6. Always check the fine print

Life happens and unforeseen circumstances may stop you from attending a gig. So always check the ticket seller’s refund policy and any available ticket protection options. Missing out on a gig is disappointing, but losing money when you don’t have to really hurts.

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