Making repayments

With Orange One you can pay off your balance each month, set up instalments that you pay off over a set term, or a bit of both. Either way, repayments are made automatically from an eligible ING account of your choice on the payment due date, so you’re in control.


Repay either the amount due (the full amount) or the minimum repayment each month – it’s up to you. Don’t forget that if you pay the minimum repayment rather than the full balance each month, interest will start to accrue. Any monthly repayments from instalments you have set up will automatically be added to your autopay preference. Two days before your payment due date, we’ll send you a reminder SMS in case you want to make any adjustments to your autopay preferences.


Repaying your amount due is the best way to keep your interest-free days and avoid paying unnecessary interest.

To change your autopay options:
Log in at and click
Orange One > More account information > Autopay > Edit

Additional repayments

You can transfer funds to your Orange One from an eligible ING account at any time using the app or online banking.


Using surplus cash to make extra repayments is a great way to pay off your balance, and any instalments, faster.

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